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* Résumés

1. Introduction

A résumé is a concise summary of your personal information, including such things as your interests, skills and qualifications.

It can be a very useful tool to use in your job search, helpful to both you and a prospective employer, providing you have taken the time to draw up a PROPER resume.

Indicate with a "Yes", "No'', or "Maybe" whether you could include any of the personal features listed below, in a résumé.

** NOTE: some of your NO answers may give you a clue as to some other similar relevant information which could be included.
  • winning $20 in a Melbourne Cup sweep
  • running a Melbourne Cup sweep
  • playing in the local Soccer Competition
  • helping your neighbours chop firewood
  • your First Aid Certificate
  • your date of birth
  • your religion
  • the subjects
  • you are doing/have done at school
  • helping to organise the end of year dance
  • your confirmation name
  • your serious medical condition
  • being a Girl Guide or Boy Scout
  • the things you enjoy doing in your spare time
  • your next door neighbour's telephone number
  • the 3rd prize you won in the local public speaking contest
  • whether you are single, married, separated, divorced, etc.
  • working on the school magazine
  • names of good friends of the family
  • reading Mr Marval comics
  • the male chauvinist award given to you by the girls in your class
  • your part-time job at Ms Happs Restaurant
  • the committee you were a member of at your school/club
  • where you went to Primary school
  • the fact that you love watching Days of Our Lives
  • your country of birth
  • the salary you would want
  • your star sign
  • mentioning your collection of Beatle's records
  • being a prefect
  • being sacked from your job at the local fish shop
  • your middle name
  • helping out at the local old people's home
  • other languages that you speak
  • your father's and/or your mother's occupation
  • your address
  • attending keep fit classes
  • having a paper run
  • your full address and telephone number
  • your dreams of winning the lottery
  • the book you want to write some day
  • your elder sister's successes
  • having mowed next door's lawn every month
  • your sexual interests

Are there any of these features which might be particularly relevant to certain jobs?
Which features?
Which jobs might they be relevant to?

How to identify your skills to include in a resume.

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