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It is a good idea to keep some sort of proof of your achievements, participation in special events, or any items that you may have made, which would be useful in your job applications.

How could you do this with:
  • a sporting achievement
  • a garden which you helped establish
  • an article published in a magazine
  • your hand-made pottery
  • taking part in a community organised forum
  • a swimming trophy
  • presidency of the local fellowship group
  • making and modelling an article of clothing
  • starring in a drama production
  • helping the school librarian
  • taking part in public speaking contests
  • getting the prize for selling the most tickets in the school raffle

Add any of your own special achievements, and say how you could present proof of that achievement to an employer.

When applying for jobs, it will help you if you can produce some evidence of what you have done, or what you are good at.

Some jobs even require you to bring such information along with you to an interview.

What things might you need to take with you to gain a:
  • place in an art course
  • cadetship as a journalist
  • sign writing position
  • trainee dress designer's job
  • place in a script-writing course
  • typing position
  • job as a cabinet maker
  • employment as a gardener
Is there any need for caution when deciding what things to take to an interview?

Is there really anything wrong with showing off what you are good at? Why? Why not?

Many think they don't have any experience... That's not true!
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