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7. Sample #2...

The résumé sample shown below does follow the basic résumé outline suggested.

But, only a little bit of extra thought has been put into their résumé.

Name:              Lee J. Grant
Address:           68 Smythe Street,
                     GUM FLAT 2221
Telephone:         6456 3356 (message only)
Birthdate:         28th November, 1979
   Coolabah High School, 1995 
           School Certificate Grades 
   English 2                   Mathematics 3 
           School Assessment Results 
   Science 4                   Geography 3 
   Commerce 2                  Home Economics 3 
Special Skills: 
   Typing course at Billabong TAFE - tested at speed of 30 w.p.m. 
   Can work basic office machinery - small switchboard, copier, calculator, etc. 
Work Experience: 
   Weekend Assistant at Mut Mut Pizza, Gum Flat, February to October, 1995 
   School Work Experience - two weeks in September 1995 at Patcher Furniture as 
       Clerical Assistant 
Interests and Hobbies: 
   Participate in the local social tennis club. 
   Enjoy reading home furnishing and decorating magazines. 
   1. Rev. D. Rigby, St Stephen's, Gum Flat. 
   2. Mrs J.N.Knowles (Manager), Mut Mut Pizza, Plain St., Gum Flat. 
   3. Mr T.B.Jones (Senior Clerk) Patcher Furniture, Jill St., Billabong. 

Some points about it are:

Obviously this person doesn't have a phone, and they have made arrangements with a relative or neighbour to pass on a message for them (that's good!). Without a phone contact point, you make it difficult for (most) employers to get in touch with you quickly, so they won't bother at all!

They have identified the special office skills they have already developed.

Contact details are difficult to find - no phone numbers given for referees at all.

The résumé is too cramped - there isn't enough use of blank space (between sections) to make reading easier.

This person played with centering some headings in the Education section, while everything else is Left Justified (lined up to left hand side of page) and indented (or moved slightly in) from the left hand side. The centering just doesn't seem to fit in this situation.

The more examples, the merrier!
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